Partner Congregations

Feeling led to get your church to become a Partner Congregation? Call Bryan Johnson, Director of Mission Advancement, today @ 205-252-9571. He would be thrilled to get you started!

There are 4 simple steps each church must take to become a Partner Congregation.

  1. Pray for us, our mission, and the homeless men we serve.
  2. Send volunteers on a regular basis to one of our sites or programs to meet the needs of the homeless men we serve. Most churches send volunteers once a month. A few churches provide volunteers quarterly.
  3. Nominate and appoint a church member to serve as a representative on Firehouse Ministries’ Advisory Council. Each church has a seat on the Advisory Council. Meetings are held quarterly.
  4. Allocate a portion of the church budget to be donated to the ministry at Firehouse Ministries. The most important thing financially is that it becomes a regular, consistent, budgeted mission line item.