The Eli Project Mentoring Program & Chaplaincy Initiative

The ELI PROJECT is the brain child of one of our long-time volunteers who sought to put an end to chronic homelessness. Our first MENTORING group began meeting in April 2013. Six to eight committed volunteers meet weekly with one homeless man on a weekly basis to discuss life issues and to formulate a plan of action for the coming month and year.

The ELI PROJECT mentoring group flips the switch on our traditional mode of case management whereby we have one case manager meet with 12-35 guests/week. With the ELI PROJECT, six to eight mentors surround one individual to discuss the accomplishment of his life goals on a weekly basis. This intensive, weekly, face-to-face contact will allow the homeless men we serve to develop deep, long-lasting relationships and a trust bond that hopefully transforms his life and the lives of our community as a whole.

The CHAPLAINCY inititative involves meeting the spiritual needs of all of our men at all of our sites 24/7/365. We currently offer Bible Studies and transportation to local church services on a limited basis at all sites but desire to greatly expand our reach in this area. If your heart is led to witness, share your faith, and lead struggling men to deepen their faith, this is a calling you shouldn’t ignore. More to come later . . .