Effective May 1st: Updated Policies

Effective May 1st

We will resume modified clothing closet / day shelter as follows:


Lunch will continue to be served outside and guests needing clothing and/or take a shower will wait outside during lunch. No persons who are sick or coughing can enter the shelter.

Clothes Closet

While lunch is served, we will ask guests what they need from the clothing closet (items and sizes) and any personal care items they need. These will be distributed to persons outside or when they come inside to shower.


Guests will be allowed to come inside and take a shower, 5 at a time. You are to shower, use the facilities, then immediately exit the building, supervised by staff from beginning to end. Always keep your belongings with you.

Inclement Weather

NO MORE  than 10 people can come in from the outside and are to remain in the dining room. Current shelter guests are not allowed in the dining room while outside guests are in the building. Out side guests can use the restrooms in the lobby.

**If you would like to become an overnight guest, you need a documented negative COVID screen. We will assist you in accomplishing this. Ask us for assistance!

Christ Health Woodlawn, 5720 1st Ave S. is providing a free screening.  Call (205) 380-9455 to schedule an appointment and let them know you are trying to get into a shelter. Appointments are mandatory for this service.